The Bel Air FC is a part of the Bel Air Recreation Committee will provide a competitive soccer experience for the youth soccer player. We will strive to create an environment that will provide each player with a valuable learning experience, an

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 Thank you for your interest in refereeing for our fall soccer program. We are excited to welcome you! 

A little information in regards to this position:


  • Individual must be 14 years of age
  • Individual must complete the free Online training course provided by English Football Learning. 


Training Information/ Instructions: 

Signing Up:

Please access the link below:*1gfg9vf*_ga*MTAxNDg1MTUzOC4xNjU3MDM5OTI4*_ga_T81QCG9DQL*MTY1ODE2NDU2MC4xLjAuMTY1ODE2NDU2MC42MA..*_ga_QD4TLL96E9*MTY1ODE2NDU2MC4xLjAuMTY1ODE2NDU2MC42MA..

Or if that doesn’t work on the Bel Air Football Club Homepage the link is now updated and will redirect you to the correct website.

Once you arrive at the website you must “sign up”. Enter your email, then you must instantly verify it once you receive a 6 digit code. After the email is verified, follow the prompts and enter your personal information.

The following page you will create a password. Towards the bottom in the drop down section, please select “Amateur Football Alliance”. Then select the box to agree to terms and conditions.

Then select create!


Course Instructions:

Your browser should automatically redirect you to a new page. Select “Enroll”.

Your browser will then open to a Learning introduction page. Complete each interactive module!

Each section has a knowledge check that must be completed in order to pass! Good luck!

        1.Before the Match (20 mins)

        2. Signals and Communication (15 mins)

        3. Getting it Right (40 mins)

        4. Offside (25 mins)

        5. Managing starts and restarts ( 25 mins)


Please make sure you “allow” cookies on your website browser

Also please note this course is based out of the United Kingdom, so if there is incorrect wording, no worries.





  • Referees are paid $28.00 per game. 
  • Paychecks are issued twice per season. The first at the half-way point and the other at the conclusion of the season. 


Games will be assigned to each individual. I will personally be assigning games, I am willing to accomodate schedules and other conflicts to the best of my ability. This will be reviewed in depth at the mandatory meeting. 


As we get closer to the start of the season, additional information will be provided. In regards to scheduling, uniform requirements, rules of the game ect.

There will be an information meeting on Saturday, August 6th @ 0900 at the Bel Air McFaul Activities center located at 525 W Macphail Road, Bel Air MD, 21014. Attendance is mandatory. 


I am happy to answer any specific questions that you may have in regards to becoming a referee for this Fall Soccer Season. Please feel free to contact me. 


Elizabeth Hicks